The history of the Duensing company begins in 1887.

Creating lasting value – that has been our mission for over 135 years. And the core of our company’s sustainability, in which we do not think in years, but in generations.

The first generation: Foundation of the “bricklaying business”

In the small town of Eilvese, in the province of Hanover near Neustadt am Rübenberge, the trained bricklayer Friedrich Duensing founded his “bricklaying business” on 1 April 1887 and grew it to considerable size within a few years. Numerous houses and farms came from the hands and trowels of the founding father, as well as schools and buildings for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Many buildings that were constructed under his management in and around Eilvese have been preserved to this day.

The second Generation: Expansion of the core business from 1924

In 1924, Adolf Duensing succeeded his father as head of the company. He expanded the building construction business to include civil engineering and railway construction and made the company one of the leading providers of construction services in Lower Saxony until his death in 1971. Under his direction, the company premises and vehicle fleet grew to a considerable size and turnover rose from 124,000 Deutschmarks in 1950 to 4 million Deutschmarks in 1970 – an increase of more than 32 times.

The third generation: The path to new greatness

When his father died in 1971, the 23-year-old Friedrich Duensing took over the management of the family business and moulded it into a modern, highly qualified and reliable force in the German construction industry. The focus of all business activities was still on building construction, civil engineering and railway construction, but the new director was able to skilfully expand the scope of the company’s activities so that the construction of turnkey houses and halls was now just as much a part of the range of services as underground cable construction. With German reunification, the company also gained a foothold in the new federal states: in 1992, Friedrich Duensing Sr. and his son Friedrich Duensing Jr. founded KGE Kabel- und Gleisbau GmbH in Erfurt.

The company headquarters in Eilvese received orders from all over Germany, including the largest single order in the company’s history in 2001, when Duensing was awarded the contract by Deutsche Bahn AG to build a new electronic interlocking system on an 80-kilometre stretch of track in Bavaria. 35 Duensing employees were kept busy for a whole year carrying out the extensive track construction work and laying cables.

The fourth Generation: Tradition meets the future

With the fourth generation joining the family business, the course has been set for the future: In 2004 Friedrich Duensing joined his father Friedrich Duensing Sr. in the management of the company.

After 10 years of joint management, Friedrich Duensing has been running the company alone since 2014. The core business areas of building construction, civil engineering and railway construction were expanded further and DUENSING was formed into a company with a streamlined, highly efficient organisational structure – which guarantees reliable, quick and unbureaucratic decisions as well as flexible, fast action. Since then, projects throughout Germany have been part of the company’s daily business.

Building what will endure.

Since 1887.

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