Lasting values


Lasting values

Our contribution to the energy and mobility transition – and a future worth living

Building what will last

For a company that thinks in terms of generations, acting sustainably is a matter of course. Our aim is to create lasting values that will endure beyond the present day.

Sustainability is an ancient principle – but more modern than ever. We are committed to this principle. And have been for over 135 years. Every day anew.

But sustainability also means thinking outside the box on a construction site:

  • Where do our raw materials come from? How are they extracted, processed and transported?
  • How will the materials we use be recycled at some point?
  • How can we protect employees even better?
  • How can we offer them prospects for individual fulfilment and make them even happier?

We address these and many other questions along the entire life cycle of our projects. With our sustainability management, we find pragmatic solutions for meaningful action, which we implement together as a team. Every day.

If you want to take a closer look at our sustainability performance, you can find our first DNK report here.

Future viability

Above all, sustainability means future viability. In other words, acting today in such a way that successful business is still possible tomorrow. And, as a responsible, ethically correct company, to pursue economic success on an equal footing with social and ecological responsibility.

Social responsibility

The health and satisfaction of our employees is our most valuable asset. After all, both are the basis for the high level of personal commitment for which Duensing is valued by its customers. That’s why we do everything in our power to ensure that our employees feel at home with us, can combine work and private life in the best possible way and have prospects for their individual development. We are also committed to social issues in our region: we support charitable organisations and promote sporting and cultural initiatives and clubs.

Environmental and climate protection

One thing is clear: as a construction company, we consume a lot of resources. We also seal surfaces and produce a lot of emissions with our vehicles and machines. Nevertheless, the core of our work is sustainable, because what we build makes the transformation of society possible: with our infrastructure in building construction and civil engineering, we create the basis for the urgently needed energy transition. In railway construction, we are helping to make the transport transition a success. And our buildings comply with the latest standards of sustainable construction – enabling sustainable living in the long term. We also minimise our ecological impact in all processes as much as possible:

Economic success

Throughout the changes of the last 135 years, quality has always been an immovable constant for us. Our success proves us right – and we are therefore ideally positioned for the challenges of the future:

Let’s get specific

Remuneration model including a company minimum wage above the legally required level, capital-forming benefits, profit sharing and attractive additional benefits such as a contribution to kindergarten costs

We refuel our vehicles with HVO diesel. A fuel that is obtained from renewable raw materials. Compared to fossil diesel, this means around 80% less CO2. We use HVO fuel, which is produced without palm oil.

Attractive and flexible working time models

Steady sales growth

Extensive qualification and further training opportunities

We generate a lot of energy with our PV systems. Even more than we actually need at our location. However, because we are not (yet) able to store all of the energy we generate, we feed some of it into the public grid. And when we need electricity from the grid ourselves – because it is already dark or the sun is not shining – we only use certified green electricity.

Regular company events and team events

In 2014, we were one of the first companies in the region to use an electric vehicle. Today, we are continuously expanding the proportion of e-vehicles in our car fleet. And, of course, we “refuel” them with our own solar power generated at our own charging station.

State-of-the-art vehicle fleet, high-quality machinery, top equipment

Transparent information about relevant business developments, e.g. via employee app

Continuous awareness training for occupational safety and accident prevention

With our new heat pumps, we generate even more climate-friendly energy.

Supplementary health insurance (cost coverage e.g. for glasses, dentures, hearing aids, prophylactic examinations etc.)

High equity ratio

Commitment within the framework of the “Deutschlandstipendium” (scholarship program to support talented and high-achieving students at German universities)

We sensitise our employees to use natural resources as responsibly as possible on the construction site and in the office.

Free fruit basket

Steady growth in the number of employees

Together with Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V., we have renaturalized a large area. A real biotope has been created there.

High integrity and transparency (defined in our own Code of Conduct for employees and in future also for business partners)

Promotion of sports clubs in the area of Hanover

Ongoing investment in future technologies

Patented automatic oil barrier system (e.g. for transformer stations)

When procuring our materials and raw materials, we ensure that human rights are respected and that forced and child labour is avoided

Conversion from hand-held and petrol-powered small appliances to battery operation. In addition to CO2 emissions, this also reduces dust and noise emissions.

High local and regional depth of added value

We support a project on the Lehmberg in Eilvese. Here, areas at the edge of the meadow are deliberately left as natural as possible so that wild bees can find sufficient food and shelter.

Focus on solutions and services for the future market of the energy and transport transition

Donations to social organisations (e.g. Die Tafel) and educational institutions (e.g. kindergarten, school, etc.)

What we build, stays. Like a detached house in Eilvese that we built over 135 years ago – and which is still standing today. It couldn’t be more sustainable.